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On a MISSION to Impact the WORLD, the God's way...

Her Story

My Life Journey is a Testimony of GOD'S LOVE.
That with God, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE.
Walk with Your Heart and Mind
To your passion and vision,
And be on a mission.

One Faith

I was born with nothing, but God gave me everything.

As a mom, faith is where she draws her strength in life and all.

Veia was a stay home mom, taking care of the family who's loving it but missed those years when she was working and having income. But, family comes first so I let it be...

When Covid hit and lockdown was necessary, it was a time for reflection as feeling trapped and nowhere else to go was difficult.

Rasie your hand if you can relate to this.

It was a moment of deep reflection of a journey. Being a stay home mom can lead to accepting it and stay in a comfortable space but while the world is in chaos, her heart's desire awaken. There's something missing... there is a hole that needs to be filled.

And so her journey begins... she loves helping others and have helped so many.

Her vision is to elevate aspiring entrepreneurs and moms especially:

Create, Build, Grow Their Influence

Start An Online Business

Help Those Who Are Struggling With Technology

And More..

She founded Create Your Influence Movement for aspiring entrepreneurs especially Moms so that they can start an online business or scale their business to success with $0 investment.

Coaching Life & Business Strategies

Motivational Speaker

Digital Marketing

Growth Strategist

"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." Napoleon Hill, Author

Veia Hensley

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